Nova Scotia Tour Pictures - Aug 2-12, 2011

These are pictures from the Caravan Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island trip. If you missed pictures of a particular location or event, please feel free to download these (info below).

Near the end of the Day 9 are pictures of the final dinner with each of the tables.

Day 10 are a few pictures of arrival into Newark, NJ, and not too good since taken through the airliner window. Also in Day 10 are the maps used earlier in each of the groups of pictures. These were made from a combination of online maps and scanning some I had. Maybe they may be helpful. Even though they are reduced detail in the display program because of restricted size, if you download the picture and look at it full screen or print it out, the detail should be there.

Let me state that I'm in no way a really good photographer but did want to capture a few pictures for the nice memories from the trip. The really bad shots have been culled from the group. Taking pictures from a bus is problematic because of the reflections caused by the windows, as well as dirt and residue on the windows. Nevertheless, many are included since we had very few photo stops on the way. Some of my low light shots deserved a tripod and tend to be a bit blurry. I've included some of these since I had no better ones to remember that particular event. So my apologies to the purists among us.

These were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 which offers an optical zoom of 10x. I was shooting with a 4:3 aspect ratio and a picture size of 5 meg maximum, even though the camera will go to 7 meg. This will allow more storage on the memory card and makes not much difference since I am not planning to print many of these pictures.

I've arranged the pictures by the days, as depicted in our Caravan travel booklet. Day 0 are pictures taken with friends Ray and Dorothy, whom I met on the Caravan Mexico: Ancient and Colonial Cities tour and who live in Waverley, near Halifax. They picked me up at the airport and treated me royally for the day and a half of sight seeing we managed. My deepest appreciation to them for such a wonderful experience.

Technicals: The original pictures were 2560x1920 but have been reduced for this web page to 1280x960 for easier and faster loading in the browser. The display picture you see is limited to 550 pixels high to fit on your browser page, but the .jpeg picture is actually 1280x960 on the directory. File names generally indicate the day, as ns3_ prefix means day 3.

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Enjoy! ...Edwin